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In a personal, face-to-face meeting we will look at your individual situation and help turn what might just be your “gut feeling” about your business into hard figures.

We will provide you with a clear plan setting out our suggested next steps. You can then decide whether you would like our continued support while you take those steps.

What we stand for


... because our clients are close to our hearts.


… because in the end, it is always about people


... because nothing that really makes a difference is ever easy.


… because we won’t be satisfied until we have made a positive impact on your business.

What we do

We will help you as a business owner to move forward boldly
and to understand where you earn money and where you lose it, so that there is more left over for you.

Performance Management

We bring clarity and transparency to your figures through:

  • Dynamic liquidity planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Pricing

Capital Sourcing

We protect your liquidity through:

  • Equity, mezzanine and debt financing
  • Links to our diverse network of investors

Team Development

We bring about real and lasting changes through:

  • Communication and teamwork
  • Staff motivation
  • Individual- und Teamschulungen mit
    Insights MDI® Tool
  • Effective implementation

Our team

Benjamin Schröder
Nicolai Schröder
Dennis Kahnert
Carina Bayerdörffer
Kerstin Schumacher-Schröder
Prof. Dr. Alexander Bönner

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